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Handmade Felt Animals

These cute and colorful felt animals are handmade with care in Kathmandu, Nepal. We partner

with a small family run workshop that follows fair trade practices, committed to improving

the standard of living for low income families and does not use child labor. 


These lovely animals are made from 100% wool, which is hand formed into felt using only mild soap and water; eco-friendly, no harsh chemicals are used during production.  Handmade toys for kids of all ages and collectors.






Please note that we plan to have our online store up and running to take orders online later this year. If you see anything on the site which you would like to order, please see our "Consumer Shows" tab and visit our booth, give us a call or send an email, we can take orders over the phone via Visa, Amex, MasterCard and Diners Club.


Give a Hoot!  Have you noticed owls everywhere?  These stuffed owls are fair trade and hand made
in Nepal. (also avaialble in pink and blue)
Felt Owl pillows, patchwork owl, awake owl, sleeping owl.
Our felt Dinosaurs are handmade in Nepal, available in Small, Medium and Large and come in six color combinations green, orange, purple, red, pink, purple and blue.


Ponies, Unicorns and Elephants 


Palomino and Paint Ponies

Also available in custom colors

Turquoise Pony
Also available in pink, purple and custom colors. 
Pink and Purple Unicorns 
Also available in custom colors
Available in blue, green, orange purple, pink; with flowers or solid.
Felt animal pencil toppers, Frog, Penguin, Owl Gazelle, Wildebeest

Small Animals - Kangaroos,     Pigs, Oxen, Aardvarks and     Pencil Toppers


Tasmanian Devil

Pink Pig
Also available in bright neon colors, fuchsia, lime green, tangerine, purple and bright blue.
Kangaroo and Aardvark

Bunny Rabbit Felt Pencil Toppers
Flower Felt Pencil Toppers